Digital PR

Creating news-worthy stories that build relevant links for your business.

What is digital PR?

Firstly, you need to understand the importance of a hyperlink to your site. Every time someone links to your website, that counts as a recommendation, or a vote, for your business. So, when a search engine determines a site’s ranking, links carry a lot of weight.

Digital PR is an SEO strategy that involves creating news-worthy stories that can generate a buzz about your business, increase your backlink profile, and cement your place within your industry.

We monitor industry developments and major headlines to identify opportunities that allow you to speak to your audience, and provide them with valuable content they need to see. Our expert team then builds relationships with journalists from top-tier publications in your industry, both local and national, building links for your business.

We create a conversation. A conversation that brings you, an authoritative and industry-leading voice, to the forefront, recognising you as a true expert on the trending topic and thus boosting your online visibility.

Links are one of the most important aspects of SEO.

Because of this, many SEO agencies just build links for the sake of it, not considering the quality of each one they build. We understand the importance of a good backlink profile, and believe that every link to your site must provide value. A great link comes from great content! Our team will work with you to ensure that your content engages with your audience.

What does a good Digital PR strategy look like?

To put it simply, anything and everything. It could be a ground-breaking study, video, infographic, a new tool, or even just a humble blog post or a handful of comments. A good Digital PR strategy can take many forms – here are a few examples:

Creating resources that readers will find valuable enough to utilise, such as infographics, product roundups, and how-to’s, and sharing them with relevant sites in exchange for a link

Newsjacking, meaning we send out comments made by your team on a trending news story, creating a series of links that present your business as a leader in your industry

Capitalising on recent trends and news headlines via reactive Digital PR, to ensure that your business is responding to the stories that your customers care about

Publishing news-worthy stories on your site, which we encourage journalists to link to on their publications

Building local links by sharing your events, partnerships, and branch stories to location-based publications

Digital PR vs Traditional PR

To put it simply, traditional PR focuses on offline publications, whereas Digital PR is purely online, designed to build brand awareness and boost your backlinks.

Digital PR is a must-have SEO strategy, as, to truly reap the benefits of a campaign, you need to fully understand search engine guidelines. Luckily, our SEO team knows what Google looks for and how to conduct the right strategies without depending on black-hat techniques. We utilise this knowledge when implementing Digital PR to ensure you get the most out of every link.

👉 Using Digital PR, we can build links on top-tier publications, amplifying your brand online

Our campaigns are centered around our clients’ targets, meaning that we’re not just building a few random links for different pages. The work that we do showcases your services and products, demonstrating your expertise and placing your business in the best position.

Here’s a few examples of the publications that have featured our clients:

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Recent Work

  • Glide

    The Glide group is the UK’s market-leader in household utilities, broadband, connectivity and communications.

  • The Fry Group

    Established in 1898, the experts at The Fry Group assist expats based in the UK, Europe, and the Far East with all aspects of their financial planning.

  • Helping Hands Home Care

    The team at Fibre are absolute experts in SEO. Working together we have dramatically improved SEO performance particularly at a local level.


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