The Search Experience is Changing

Optimise your content to be the primary source for generative AI search bots.

What is AI-Powered Search?

Generative search is a new approach to an old problem. How can results be accurate yet personalised?

AI-powered search uses data to automatically generate the best results based on the user. It’s an experimental concept that generates a view of the search topic without having to click through to the page.

What is Generative AI Bot Optimisation?

AI bot optimisation is a set of core SEO strategies tailored to ensure your content is chosen and a large influence for search bots. This means that the result will be moulded around your information, rather than competitors.

Creating a perfect strategy isn’t as simple as asking ChatGPT or Google Bard how they work or how you can influence them.

We go deeper than that! Generative AI optimisation involves different steps and methods. Here’s a mini breakdown of what our process is.

Step 1: Keyword Discovery

It’s important to have influence on search bots but what terms are your customers actually looking for? Understanding how current and prospectives are searching, plus how they find your products is the first step in your SEO strategy.

Your audience may not always be using the keywords that you expect them to use. Our expert team starts with keyword discovery, identifying any terms that could become targets for AI bots. We investigate each to understand their relevancy, difficulty and search intent, maximising your chance to influence AI bots and generate more traffic to your site.

Step 2: AI Search Results Analysis

After completing an analysis, the Fibre team assesses which terms to target to increase your influence over competitors. Keywords alone are not enough – we need to understand the search intent behind them too.

Some keywords and phrases may be a search for information, whereas others may be for a commercial service/product. For example, a product is unlikely to have influence in a “what is…” search. We optimise pages for the right keywords and outrank your competition.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

To stay at the top, you need to track and stay ahead of competitors. This includes reviewing their content, strategies and impact, influence, and more. By understanding your competitors, you can be the first to implement different strategies that yield better results. AI bots reward the unique and relevant companies that offer value.

Step 4: AI-centric Content Creation

One of the factors in AI-powered search is how it reads and understands your content. If it misunderstands it, it can produce incorrect information or simply not use it.

Creating clear, high-value, content means AI can generate unique results based on the information presented. The right type of content is key to influencing how likely AI is to use your content, but also the clickthrough rate. The Fibre team makes sure your content is optimised for all AI bots.

Step 5: Schema Implementation

Schema helps improve AI influence, making it more likely that your content is used. A better schema means a deeper understanding of website, resulting in a better uptake and click-through rate. Fibre can execute a schema tailored to your business that will help your website gain competitive advantage.

Step 6: AI Search Influence

AI search results appear above position 1 meaning content is more likely to be seen. How good would it be to see your site mentioned and linked in this area? We go after influence for relevant terms and optimise content for this making you a leader in your field.

Supercharge Search with Fibre

In November 2023, Google announced they were launching their Search Generative Experience (SGE) in 120+ new countries.

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