Why SEO?

Increase sales, create an industry-leading brand and out perform competitors.

What is SEO?

Have you ever searched for something on Google and gone straight to page 2 of the search engine results? Of course not.

We could probably make an accurate guess and assume that you find the answer you’re looking for on that first page. Now think about how your customers search for the product or service you offer!

Does their search lead to your website?

We’ve been working with businesses across the world, improving their online visibility and dramatically increasing visitors and sales. If you’ve got a product or service that needs attention, we can help!

SEO will allow your website to generate new business through organic search. This involves expert techniques often referred to off site and on site:


Aligning your website to search terms used by potential customers/visitors. Improving website UX to improve site speed and usability. Fixing bugs and making sure your website is in excellent health.


Having other websites talk about you and what you do. Building authority and presence within your industry, by gaining invaluable links. Improving brand trust, and making sure when found, you are seen to be a 5 star company.

Best online channel?

Despite the buzz around social media, search engine traffic is still the number one driver of sales, reported to be over 300% more effective than social!

But Google has complex algorithms and hundreds of ranking factors to determine the best website to rank ahead of others.

It’s not as easy as mentioning keywords on a page or building a few links from PR websites. There’s an art to cracking the Google nut. Welcome to SEO.

SEO works for all businesses

Do you think Google’s first page is only for the top tier? Search provides a wealth of opportunities for all businesses of different shapes and sizes, allowing everyone a fair playing field. Everyone has the opportunity to drive new business to their website!

If you believe in your product or service offering, don’t settle for no ranking. Through SEO, your website can expand your brand’s online reach, and lead to increased visibility within your sector with even more prospective customers.

Recent Work

  • Glide

    The Glide group is the UK’s market-leader in household utilities, broadband, connectivity and communications.

  • The Fry Group

    Established in 1898, the experts at The Fry Group assist expats based in the UK, Europe, and the Far East with all aspects of their financial planning.

  • Helping Hands Home Care

    The team at Fibre are absolute experts in SEO. Working together we have dramatically improved SEO performance particularly at a local level.


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