Websites online presence and why you need to be active!

May 3, 2016

Kerrie Ashall

In the current information age, having an online presence is of paramount importance for pretty much anyone. If your business primarily consists of physical products or you find most of customers through word of mouth you may not think that an online presence is relevant to you, but I’m here today to tell you that you’re wrong.

As I’ve written ad nauseum before, being visible online through search engine optimization and so on brings a variety of benefits, the most obvious of which are more traffic and therefore many more potential customers. However, merely being visible is not enough. Your website may be very easy to find, and may even be in top two or three ranked sites for certain search terms, but if your business’ online presence isn’t strong enough, then it’s not going to reach its’ full potential. Being visible is just one piece of the broader challenge of having an excellent online presence.

The first step is to create a top-notch website. Although it’s fairly easy these days for anyone with an old computer and an internet connection to build a rudimentary site, it’s well worth investing in a professional web design service to do this for you. The difference is absolutely huge, not to mention the amount of time it saves from not having to learn how to operate all the various plugins and other

Just think about how much more inclined you are to stick around on a website if it looks slick and has an intuitive interface, compared to a random blog someone threw together on WordPress where half the links don’t work and the background picture doesn’t align properly. Again, your website may be easily found by a search engine, but if it’s lacking in design no one is going to stick around long enough to want to pay for your services.

The next step is to make sure that you have high-quality content on your site apart from the basic services that you have on offer. You don’t want a site that merely looks and feels good, so the more great articles and blog posts you have, the better. This is beneficial in two ways.

First, people are more likely to stick around your site, revisit it and pay for your services if there is content worth reading.

Second, having high-quality content makes for superior link building, and your site is far more likely to be shared on social media, blogs, forums and so on. This means more people with similar interests visiting (thus more likely to be paying customers), and since search engines use the number of links as a factor in ranking sites, you’ll get more traffic through that route as well. To keep customers intrigued, you’ll have to make sure that there is always more fresh content to keep them coming back.

It’s all too easy to negate the importance of an active presence, a tangible experience which customers and readers will remember and relate to, however given the rise of social media and the fact that every individual has a web-based personality, no matter your business this strategy is absolutely crucial to success.

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