Does SEO really work?

June 15, 2016

Kerrie Ashall

SEO is a continuous battle with your competition for online real estate. Your direct competitors want the same as you: ranking on the first page of results when your customers do a search. But, over time, the ability to rank highly becomes more difficult. You may still be investing in your content and your SEO but your page ranking is sliding.

It’s important to remember none of this affects the underlying principles of SEO. Does SEO work? Yes it does. Is your SEO working? Well, that’s a different matter entirely.

Barriers to Effective SEO

There are two main problems for anyone trying to engage in digital marketing:

1.     People who use search engines rarely look past the first page of results for a search term. This means potentially hundreds or even thousands of website are vying for 10 spots on the page. That’s a lot of competition.

2.     The competition itself is weighted in favour of those with more time and more money, and who have been doing it for longer. You may never be able to rank on the first page for the most popular search terms, simply because it’s survival of the fittest.

Before you pick up your ball and go home, I can reassure you again SEO does work. It really does.

SEO that Works

There are 3 main principles to effective SEO:

1.     you need to be smart about the search terms you target,

2.     you need to be in it for the long haul,

3.     you need to work towards improving your ranking continually.

To help your SEO have the greatest effect, finding the best keywords or search terms a business of your size and resources can compete in is essential. This is as much an art as a science and, if you are going to invest time and money in it, an SEO Agency or Consultant will be able to find the most suitable keywords.

SEO can Drive Sales

Effective SEO can be a lot of work, but it is worth it. Imagine the power of ranking on the first page for ‘best pizza in Cardiff’, or ‘plumber in Wandsworth’. SEO is a powerful tool for driving both traffic to your site and sales to your business. SEO works, how successful it is for you depends on what you do with it.

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