Reputation Management

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What is reputation management?

Reputation management is the art of influencing and maintaining how customers perceive a brand online, usually via the comments and reviews left on third party review platforms, social media platforms, forums and other sites.

A reputation management team can mitigate the impact of negative reviews and comments, as well as seek out useful customer feedback, encouraging positive online reviews and a fair representation of your business.

Why is reputation management important?

There’s plenty of evidence to show that customers give prime consideration to online comments and reviews when deciding whether to buy a company’s product or service. Anyone can leave a review about your business!

Careful reputation management not only offsets potentially damaging feedback, but maintains the loyalty of your existing customer base, inspiring them to advocate on your brand’s behalf.

Our reputation management services

Now more than ever before, a business’s digital reputation can spell the difference between success or failure. Reviews and comments can be shared easily, but can have immense impact. That is where Fibre come in! We take on the responsibility to devise a smart reputation management strategy and keep track of brand mentions, comments, and industry developments.

Brand Name Monitoring

Don’t let online comments or reviews catch you off guard. You can tell a lot about a business by how quickly and appropriately they respond to comments. It’s critical to monitor your online brand name mentions so you’re poised to respond every time.

Review Management

Managing reviews of your business is vital to any reputation strategy. Responding to all reviews – both negative or positive – personally across any review platform can make a great lasting impression. Furthermore, a build-up of poor ratings can deter potential customers so generating positive reviews constantly is also key.

Keyword Research

Understanding how your business is perceived by the type of branded keywords used can provide many insights into how potential customers see you. It can be the difference between buying your service/product or going to a competitor.

Broader Landscape

Google review a host of review platforms to understand how well you are judged in your industry. It is vital that when combing all review platforms your business is fairly judged and you aren’t let down by fake or inconsistent reviews.

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