Why quality content is important for any website

April 22, 2016

Kerrie Ashall

No matter the niche your business may fill, whether you’re a stay at home mom blogging about the latest and greatest in baby products, or trying to make waves selling your new e-book online, you need an online presence if you want to succeed in today’s business world. Even if it’s physical products you’re peddling, having a great website that has quality content is an absolutely essential part of a successful business strategy. Quality content isn’t easy to come by, and it can be well worth paying for a professional service to take care of it for you.

What do we mean exactly by quality? This topic is more or less limitless, but there are a few main criteria which should be fulfilled.

Firstly, it must be well written. If it’s not, it will destroy any air of professionalism on your site. If you have a great service but can’t describe it in proper prose, you won’t sell it, and it’s as simple as that.services-webdesign-optimized

Second, it has to be relevant and targeted to the right people. People have a pretty limited attention span as it is, so few if any are going to be inclined to sift through pages of vague and ineffectual content. You need to address the potential customers or visitors that you actually want to attract, and stay on the topics that will keep them interested and reading. This ties into the last and most important criterion, which is that the content must provide actual value. If it’s not worth something to the target audience, get rid of it. We humans are generally more intuitive than we’re given credit for, and if most of your content is worthless prevarication then don’t expect a lot of traffic.

Just as people become more and more attuned to separating the wheat from the chaff of web content due to the sheer amount of it out here, search engines do too. It used to be the case that you could simply stuff a heap of keywords into your content, Google or similar would find your site, and voila, lots of traffic and then money.

Nowadays, not so much. Although keyword stuffing does work to some extent, Google and similar sites (although does anyone use those?) are constantly iterating their algorithms to be ever more sophisticated and able to avoid such nefarious tactics.

So not only will high-quality writing attract more people by virtue of being well written and informative, but search engines will rank these pages higher as well, which again leads to more traffic from the right kind of people. And those who do read and use your website will be much more likely to come back.

So committing to consistently having top tier content is the long term play, and it’s important to keep producing content that’s fresh and useful to ensure repeat visitors to your site.

Given that everyone and their mother now has a website, there is simply an enormous amount of content out there to compete with. To make your website stand out takes a professional service which is committed to consistently producing great content. With the rise of services like Squarespace almost anyone can commission a half-decent website, but filling it with quality content is another task entirely. It’s altogether too easy to focus on making a site look good while neglecting the meat of the project. If you want success for your website, it’s truly vital in the current environment to fill it with premium web content.

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