Content Marketing

Engage your audience, improve brand awareness, and build your client base.

What content marketing means for your business

Good content is not just about being well written. The copy for a webpage, blog or article may be expertly crafted, but if it’s not written with the the audience in mind, then it’s unlikely to be effective.

Who is your customer? What are their aspirations? What is their online journey? Armed with this information, we can build a content marketing strategy that will attract and retain your ideal customer. At Fibre, we do all the hard work for you.

“They’re not afraid to push you to get the very best out of you and your teams, as well as delivering creative and strategic objectives and outcomes.”

Laura Belford-Thomas
Head of SEO at Helping Hands

A Content Marketing Strategy like no other

Presenting you with the results of our research is only the start of what we do. Using this data, we develop a bespoke strategy specifically designed to meet your business needs, while engaging the appropriate customer demographic.

Through meticulous planning and consultation, your content will reflect not only your brand, but the interests of your ideal customer – improving online engagement, and expanding your customer base beyond. We’ll also focus on improving your levels of E-A-T, ensuring your website has a high level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness – key for a great Google ranking.

Is Something Missing?

Our expert team conducts comprehensive research to identify gaps in your content, enabling us to highlight and rectify your missed opportunities. To get a good view of the industr, we take an in-depth look at your competitors, and identify what keywords you and your competitors are ranking for, and, more importantly – what you’re NOT ranking for.

Finding Solutions

Not everyone searches in the same way and more importantly, the solution your business offers might not be as obvious to a potential customer. We identify queries that require the solution you provide, which often result in a higher intent to buy.

Your Search Market

It’s not just about your competitors, but the whole field. We establish where your customers have come from and where they want to go, by looking at what they search for by reviewing the sales journey.

Proof of concept

You’ve already proven that you can deliver, why not showcase your successes. We help answer searches by promoting your proven experiences. Not only does this demonstrate expertise, but it also allows potential customers to see their solution exists.

Not Straight Forward

It isn’t always as straight forward as it may seem; your target audience might not fully understand what they need and why you are the solution. By developing an informative content strategy that educates potential customers, you stand out, build credibility and entice contact.

Building Your Brand

You could be a household name offline, however, that doesn’t always translate to strong visibility online. Over 93% of people use a search engine when trying to find a product or service, can you be found when they do?

Expertise Through Content

Writing content for content sake is not an efficient strategy. Allow Fibre to work with you, to guide you to building a content index that you are proud of. Content should help you build relevant traffic to your website, and demonstrate your expertise, with the long-term ambition of becoming the online market leader.

Internal Linking

Links are important to Google and should be important to you. Here at Fibre we seek and monopolise the opportunity that these internal links offer – to help create a structure to your website that search engines can understand.

Internal Content Structure

The better your site structure, the better you’ll rank. And not just with Google but your customers too. We can help transform your site by increasing navigability, crawlability, and enhance the overall user experience.

Content Marketing FAQs

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An effective content marketing strategy can lead to an increase in sales and enquiries through the following:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Greater brand authority
  • Greater audience engagement
  • Increased conversion rate

This is because, with quality targeted content, you can target different stages of the sales funnel.

Content marketing is a content-focused approach to marketing, curating and distributing valuable, relevant, and quality content to attract and retain a relevant audience — and ultimately, drive profitable customer action.

Quality crafted, insightful and desirable content works to improve your online engagement, expanding your customer base.

Not everyone searches in the same way, an effective content marketing strategy will create new opportunities for search engine users to find your website, whilst also improving your relevance for core keyword targets.

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