Oh, My Google! The Most Bizarre Searches of August 2022

August 16, 2022

Kerrie Ashall

The Fibre team have been at it again. We thoroughly enjoyed delving into some of the weird and wonderful things searched on Google back in April, so we’ve now put together the most bizarre searches this August. With the combination of heatwaves, droughts, and insane TikTok trends, we knew we were going to be in for some interesting results.

We’ve rounded up 11 of the fastest-growing Google searches from August 2022:


1) Is there a hosepipe ban in Wiltshire? (+4,600+)

Are we really surprised at this one? I’m writing this as a sweaty mess in my office looking out to the crispy grass outside and wondering to myself “I wonder when we’ll get the dreaded text from the water company asking us to no longer use our hosepipes and reduce our shower times?”

According to The Wiltshire Times Thames water is planning to introduce a hosepipe ban sooner than many other areas in the UK, leading to restrictions for 15 million homes!


2) What time is Match of The Day on tonight? (+3,900%)

On August 5th the UK saw the start of the 2022 Premier League Season, with the first game being Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal Live on Sky Sports that same day.

Match of The Day is typically on BBC one on a Saturday evening during the football season, which shows highlights and gives an analysis of the games played.

Fun Fact: The Gushiness Book of Records recognised the show as the longest-running football tv programme in the world back in 2015!


3) What the actual F is wrong with your quiz? (+3,100%)

Who doesn’t love a personality quiz? There are a few versions of the “What the Actual F is Wrong with you” Quiz making the rounds on social media recently, but the most popular seems to be by Ilovemycat444 on UQuiz.

The viral quiz simply states “let me help u by calling u out”, giving you 16 questions to answer before you’re presented with downright savage results, such as, as “Ur a weirdo” and “Annoying as hell”. The quiz results aim to tell you what’s wrong with your personality. Ouch!


4) How long can you survive without water? (+2,850%)

According to Medical News Today, the average time a human can live without water is 3 days. However, this depends on a lot of other factors, such as age and a person’s overall health.

It comes as no surprise that during the recent heatwave there’s been an increase in cases of dehydration, so, it’s clear why this question has been on everybody’s mind!


5) How long do idiots live? (+2,850%)

We have TikTok to thank for this search term rising so quickly when a meme was created of someone Googling “how long do idiots live” back in 2021.  The answer came up with 12-15 years. The video was then sent on as an insult to friends, family, and even enemies; captioned “I’ll never forget you” – creating something quite hilarious.

The trend seems to be picking up steam again and has also branched out to even more questions which you will see below from another of our top-ranking search terms.


6) How well do you know me quiz? (+1,600%)

Have you ever wondered how much your spouse, colleague, or even your nosy neighbour knows about you? This trend is doing the rounds on Twitter where you can create your own quiz using Buddy meter, before sending it to your nearest and dearest, or even your arch enemy. The results could be fascinating.


7) Do you like pina coladas? (+550%)

You sang that, didn’t you? Pina Colada is the summer cocktail, and in Northwich, Chester there is an entire event hosted in August dedicated to the delicious tropical cocktail.

Even better, it’s FREE! With its carnival theme and pineapples everywhere, it’s great for the whole family.


8) How long do short people live? (+450%)

I feel personally victimised by this trend – being 5’3” is no joke! This question is part of the wider TikTok trend “how long do idiots live”, along with many other variations of the question being out there too. The answer is apparently 10-13 years, and the trend is being sent to short people all over the world with the caption “I’ll never forget you”.


9) How many times do you blink a day? (+130%)

This is one of those things that we literally never think about, like breathing – but when you do it leaves you thinking about it for the entire day and forgetting how to do it…


Do you ever just stop breathing for a second and wonder how our bodies manage to use muscle memory to do these things that keep us alive? No? you’re welcome, I bet you’re thinking about it now! Blinking is exactly the same, we do it naturally 14,400 – 19,200 times per day according to Healthline.


10) Why does my urine smell bad? (+120%)

With the recent heatwave, I’m pretty sure as Brits that we are all guilty of not drinking enough water, leading to a lot of people Googling this question! According to WebMD, being dehydrated can significantly concentrate our urine, causing it to pong a little more than we’re used to. Unless of course, you’ve been eating asparagus then that’s a different story – IYKYK folks!


11) How to lose face fat (+120%)

I mean, if there wasn’t already enough on the internet and social media to make us feel insecure and bad about ourselves, now we apparently need to be considering 8 effective tips for losing FACE fat .

According to Healthline, there are facial exercises we can be doing in our everyday lives to tone our face muscles. Although, there is very limited evidence that this actually works.


What we discovered:

Many of these recent high-volume Google search trends are understandably focused on the weather we are experiencing, with a few TikTok trends and a couple of viral quizzes thrown into the mix.

As an SEO and Content Marketing agency, we know just how important it is to stay on top of what’s trending – but it can also be a lot of fun too! Looking at search data provides a fountain of information but can also be pretty hilarious.



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