Oh My Google! The 15 Weirdest Searches of April 2022

May 4, 2022

Laura Berry

As an SEO and content marketing agency, it’s our job to plumb the depths of Google. It’s a weirdly wonderful, hilariously heart-warming, and sometimes, downright scary place. And we love it.

We’ve rounded up 15 of the fastest growing Google searches of April 2022:

  1. Mermaid found in Durban (+4850%)

It’s a cloudy day on the 9th of April when an Irish influencer by the name of @Skinfluencebymsk uploads a video to TikTok. The video, reputed to show a real mermaid found on Durban beach in Africa, goes viral. With 14.6 million views to date and a +4850% search volume increase on March, we think it’s safe to say that this video won the internet (just don’t ask us if it’s real or not).

  1. Why does my puppy get hiccups? (+4000%)

First things first – aww! Much like in humans, hiccups in dogs are harmless (but 100x cuter). According to PetMD, dogs can hiccup after swallowing too much air. For example, after eating or drinking too quickly, getting excited or running around.

  1. Should I buy Twitter stock? (+3800%)

The power of social media on the value of stock was demonstrated in January of 2021 when Reddit group r/wallstreetbets caused Gamestop’s stock to jump a massive 1000%. Fast forward and it’s no wonder that the news that Elon Musk was buying Twitter and the subsequent purchase, should cause Google searches for ‘should I buy Twitter stock?’ to rapidly increase. Searches currently sit at +3800% up on March.

  1. What happened to the moon? (+1850%)

Little did we know that on March 4th, parts from a rogue rocket crashed into the moon. Reputed to be the first time an accidental crash has happened; the impact left an estimated 20-meter-wide crater and dust clouds that lasted hours. It was predicted by NASA prior to the event, but back on earth, we went about our day due to the result being invisible to our eyes.

  1. What year is it in Ethiopia? (+1300%)

According to the Ethiopian calendar, the year is 2014. This is because Ethiopia doesn’t use the Gregorian calendar, instead, it marks the passing of days with a solar calendar based on the earth’s orbit of the sun.

The Ge’ez Calendar has 13 months: 12 months of 30 days, plus 5 – 6 additional days depending on if it’s a leap year or not. This means the year in Ethiopia is 7 to 8 years behind the Gregorian calendar used in the west.

  1. What is hearsay? (+1250%)

Hearsay, as set out in the Criminal Justice Act of 2003, refers to a statement made outside of the courtroom being used as evidence in a related case. Hearsay is usually inadmissible in court with a handful of exceptions. For example, if all parties involved in the case agree it can be admitted as evidence, or the court believes it is in the best interests of justice for it to be.

  1. Who would win, Batman or Moon Knight? (+650%)

Premiering on 30th March, Moon Knight is a series created for Disney+. The 6-episode series is based on a character of the same name that first appeared in a Marvel comic book in 1975. Fans have been debating the differences between Batman and Moon Knight, inevitably leading to the question – who would win in a fight?

  1. Why does my cat headbutt me? (+550%)

It’s 8pm, you’re curled up on the sofa and you hear approaching purring. Next thing you know, you’re inhaling fur. It may sound like a really bad version of Jaws, but feline experts call this cat behaviour “head bunting”. Not only is it an adorable display of affection, but your furry friend is marking you as family by rubbing their scent on you.

  1. Why did my cat poop on my bed? (+450%)

Cats are reputed to be pretty spotless animals, leading some pet owners to question if it was done out of spite when they have an accident on the bed. There may be various reasons for this behaviour, from litterbox placement to illness, so it’s important to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended).

  1. When do your feet stop growing? (+250%)

According to MyFootDr., feet stop growing when the growth plate, a bone made of cartilage, hardens. This happens when we reach maturity, for most that’s around the age of 20.

  1. What happens when you eat paper? (+200%)

Cellulose is naturally found in plant cell walls and is indigestible by humans. Paper contains high levels of cellulose due to being made from wood pulp. This makes it relatively harmless according to an interview with Massachusetts General Hospital gastroenterologist Dr. Kyle Staller in StatNews. However, the ink may be questionable.

A +200% increase in searches for this question since last month may be correlated to a rise in cases of Pica, a rare eating disorder involving the urge to eat non-edible things.

  1. How much would a gorilla bench? (+200%)

1,810kg. It’s 1,810kg!

According to Wild Gorilla Safaris, a silverback gorilla has been shown to lift up to 27x their own body weight. To put this into context, Game of Thrones actor Hafthor Bjornsson set the world’s deadlifting record by lifting 501kg in May 2020.

  1. How to succeed in business without really trying? (+180%)

You could be forgiven for thinking “well if I knew that, I’d be rich” in the first instance, however, ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying’ is the title of a 1961 Broadway production that was later adapted for film and released in 1967.

The +200% rise in searches can be attributed to the sad passing away of Robert Alan Morse in April. Robert Morse won a Tony Award for his role in the Broadway production and later starred in the film.

  1. I hate it when someone throws a walrus at my grandma (+120%)

We love the internet…

Credit: Sharecopia

  1. Does your heart stop when you sneeze? (+60%)

Technically, no. When we sneeze, we inhale sharply, our throats close and we explosively exhale. This causes a series of changes in the pressure within the chest, and the heart rate changes to compensate. However, according to Healthline, “Electrical signals that control your heart rate aren’t affected by the physiological changes that happen when you sneeze”.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the weirdest Google searches of April 2022 – come back next month for May’s wrap-up.

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