What I Learned In My First Month at Fibre Marketing

July 19, 2021

Fibre Agency

Written by Rebecca Paine – Junior Digital PR Executive.

If you are reading this, then welcome to my blog on how I survived my first month as Junior Digital PR Executive!

First things first, I can’t believe I’ve done a whole month in the adult world. I came into this role straight from finishing a Business and Events Management degree, so to say it’s been a daunting transition from full-time education to a 9-5 ‘real job’, would be accurate. So as I am writing this, I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back and thanking my employer for not firing me thus far.

Want to know how I’ve done it? Here are 5 things I’ve learned during my first month at Fibre.

1.    Ask LOADS of questions

This may seem like such a given, but this is quite an important one. I don’t think I anticipated how many questions I would be asking on a daily basis, and I’m kind of learning to love it – knowledge is power!

As a fresh new graduate coming into my first ‘real job’ role it was super scary and I always wondered “what if I go into my first day and I have no idea what I’m doing?”. Especially when my job entails SEO and Digital PR, two areas I had no previous experience in both with an ever-changing landscape – you need to constantly be on top of your game.

Luckily for me, I’d been given a superb team leader who not only loved and cared so much about the job but about their team as well. Now when I came across a difficult task, asking for help is becoming easier and easier knowing I have this support.

2.    Technology is SO COOL 

Before joining Fibre, I thought of myself as someone who can handle a computer as anyone else could. Oh, how wrong I was. If I had the chance to go back, and better prepare myself, I’d watch as many Excel YouTube tutorials as possible to get the most out of it.

Life is as a Digital PR Executive means you embrace the online world and get to learn SO MANY COOL THINGS! I’ve learned to use a lot of different software and platforms to get the most out of my work. Namely, Twitter, which is the holy grail for finding contacts and building valuable relationships (and just expressing your Monday morning feels).

For me, Twitter is paramount at keeping up to date with the latest trending topics and connecting with my peers.

3.    Strong team relationships are KEY

When I was searching for a job after university, my initial ‘must have’ in a role was strong company culture. In my first interview with my team lead, they immediately made me feel comfortable and spoke about Fibre as being a fun and rewarding place to work and they weren’t lying!

Everyone within Fibre is not only extremely knowledgeable about all things SEO and the world of digital marketing, but they also know exactly how to make you feel welcome and provide you with the best advice to make the most out of your role and grow within the company.

When I came into this role, I was super nervous, excited, and apprehensive – Fibre has been the perfect environment to learn and settle my nerves in. With a great team behind you, achieving results and contributing valuable work becomes easy –  so a big thanks to all my fellow Fibre colleagues, you guys are alright!

4.    It’s a marathon – NOT a sprint

When I came into this role, terms like “link building” and “anchor text” were like a foreign language to me and I immediately felt out of my depth.

I’d never appreciated the detail of what search engine marketing entailed – and to be perfectly honest, I think I was a little naïve and I’m still learning. My best advice if you’re new to a role in SEO or digital PR is to trust the process, and please please please, listen to your superiors because they really do know their stuff!

As someone who loves to achieve, I’ve found it too easy to become a little frustrated if I didn’t get something straight away. But as a Digital PR Executive, you must be patient, which is a skill this role is helping me improve on tenfold.

5.    Know your Limits & Don’t Try to be perfect

Saying ‘YES!’ to everything is a very easy thing to do when you are a pleaser like me. But I’ve learned it’s important to know your limits, especially in this competitive industry.

In reality, you have good and bad days, and the team at Fibre is amazing at spotting and resolving this. I’m learning to LEARN, and that’s okay to not be ‘perfect’ at my job just yet. Having an affirmation like “I was hired for a reason, Fibre believes I have what it takes to do this. Believe in yourself like they do!” has helped remind me that I will get there.

At Fibre, my line manager still checks in with me every day, even after a month in, ensuring they are always there as a guide and support system.

Above all else, I’ve personally learned how to trust the process. It’s been a big transition into my first role and trying this ‘adulting’ thing – but knowing the balance will come soon makes me excited to think about where this role will take me in the future.

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