Proud Sponsors of Cheltenham Guardians

June 9, 2021

Kerrie Ashall

Fibre Marketing is proud to announce we are a primary sponsor for our local street safeguarding team.

The Cheltenham Guardians Safeguarding Team work alongside Gloucestershire Constabulary and the local borough council in Cheltenham, providing welfare and safeguarding services to young residents and visitors.

Their incredible work means that both resources and money is saved for our crucial emergency services. The Guardians also champion a leading lone female safeguarding system known as the India Protocol.

On speaking about our partnership, Terry Howard – Founder and Operations Director of Cheltenham Guardians said:

“We are very excited that Fibre Marketing has chosen to share our journey as our primary sponsor.
The support we receive from the community we serve has been a crucial component in our success. It was clear from the outset that Fibre Marketing was the perfect corporate partner for us as we expand service capabilities of the organisation. Fibre Marketing emanate an infectious fresh and dynamic energy very similar to our own and it is a pleasure to have them on board.
We very much look forward to the relationship with Fibre Marketing developing further and deeper and we are very grateful for their ongoing support.”

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