Digital PR

Improve your online reputation and ranking in organic search results by building solid relationships with high authority organisations & influencers.

What is digital PR?

If your goal is to develop a brand that your customers recognise and trust, digital PR can help. Our team uses proven techniques such as social media tactics, content marketing and SEO strategies. It’s all about creating presence, and finding the perfect platforms to position your content so it best reaches your ideal customer. We can identify precisely which influencers, publications and experts you need to be building relationships with to make sure your brand is getting the exposure it needs.

How we work

Using bespoke or repurposed content, we can bolster your brand reputation and visibility by generating interest in product releases, promotions, news or client work. We find and connect with relevant industry influencers in the blogosphere or on social media to suggest promotional collaborations or have them talk about your company. We’ll also:

  • Encourage referral traffic to your site
  • Cultivate recognition and awareness of your brand and products
  • Maintain your online reputation and manage reviews and comments
  • Build relationships with industry influencers and their audiences
  • Improve quality leads and enquiries to increase sales

Developing relationships with influencers

A strong relationship with key digital influencers is one of the most powerful tools in a successful content marketing strategy. Fibre has fostered valuable connections with bloggers and social media influencers, who you can collaborate with to attract your ideal customer. This will help with:

  • Growing your client or customer base
  • Increasing organic search engine ratings for your website
  • Generating quality leads that increase sales
  • Boosting brand awareness
  • Enhancing your brand’s reputation

Integrated digital marketing

A comprehensive digital PR solution includes both tailored content marketing and beneficial online collaborations. Fibre works with a wide range of businesses across all industries and sectors, using a multifaceted, cohesive approach that gets real results. Digital marketing is never one-size-fits-all. We can bring our expertise to your business, and optimise the ROI for all essential aspects of your digital marketing campaign, no matter the size or nature of your business.

Why Start A Digital PR Campaign?

Your brand’s reputation is critical to your success. Digital PR strategies ensure that you develop and maintain a solid reputation, both online and offline, by working closely with core influencers. These collaborations can grow your customer base, increase the quality of your leads and boost site traffic, ultimately improving the way you are ranked in organic search results.

Recent Work

  • Glide

    The Glide group is the UK’s market-leader in household utilities, broadband, connectivity and communications.

  • The Fry Group

    Established in 1898, the experts at The Fry Group assist expats based in the UK, Europe, and the Far East with all aspects of their financial planning, including tax mitigation, setting up UK Wills, and investment portfolios.

  • Helping Hands Home Care

    The team at Fibre are absolute experts in SEO. Working together we have dramatically improved SEO performance particularly at a local level.


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