Digital PR Services

Engage your audience, improve brand awareness, and build your client base.

Drive Your Brand with Digital PR

You have a presence, but the market is saturated. Making your business stand out is becoming harder. To compete, you need a strategic approach that’s effective.

Enter digital PR.

At Fibre Marketing, we redefine traditional approaches with creative, measurable campaigns that impact your brand awareness and online visibility.

Digital PR isn’t just big placements and viral campaigns. It’s building strategies that prioritise relevant, high-quality results. We not only help global brands stand out, but get in front of the right audiences.

Digital PR Services We Offer

Hero Content & Creative Campaigns

We build innovative campaigns aligned with your business, values, and customers. Campaigns that cut through the noise, secure coverage, and drive brand awareness in your target market.

Reactive PR & Newsjacking

Pro-active strategies are the backbone of digital PR, but we also keep a finger on the pulse of the news cycle. This means identifying opportunities to place expert-led insights in the media or build larger-scale content in line with emerging trends and topics.

Media Monitoring Service

Journalists are on such tight deadlines that they expect a response, and they expect it now. Thus, rapid follow-up is a must to succeed in placement. We identify your internal assets – like spokespeople and proprietary data – to position your company as the go-to source for expert comments and reactions to breaking news.

Building Thought Leaders

For a strong search marketing strategy, E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) is a must. We’ll work closely with your team to identify experts and build their reputation, placing them as the go-to source for journalists looking for insight and comment.

Trade PR & Local PR

Whether your goals are local, or you’ve aspirations to grow in specific verticals, hyper-focused campaigns will place you at the heart of the news agenda, driving value from relevant publications.

Digital PR vs. Traditional PR

You’ve heard of PR. But digital PR goes further.

It takes the old and makes it measurable – you’ll see the return on your investment. KPI’s and projections are clear ahead of the project and the results will speak for themselves – coverage that’s relevant, valuable, with unmistakeable benefits for your brand.

How Digital PR Enhances SEO

Digital PR is the missing link in your arsenal. It unites your search strategy with your PR, working in tandem to build backlinks into key pages. 

Showcasing your expertise and placing it centre-stage helps establish brand authority and trust.  Our campaigns reinforce the value of your website and content in the eyes of search engines. 

But it doesn’t stop there. This amplification of your content leads to increased visibility and engagement – it’s a wall-to-wall win.

The Digital PR Process

Stage 1: Ideation

Great campaigns start with great ideas. We host dynamic sessions with our team to explore exciting stories for journalists.

Stage 2: Data Analysis & Content Development

Our data analysis shapes campaigns with thorough research, while our content gives an edge to each.

Stage 3: Campaign Strategy

We’ve nailed the perfect PR pitch. We extract hooks and angles for different press and media outlets, always with the end user in mind.

Stage 4: Media Targeting & Outreach

Our tried-and-tested targeted outreach plan means your campaign reaches the right audience. We’ll craft media lists of publications and journalists who want to talk about your brand.

What You Can Expect From Fibre Marketing's Digital PR

Do you want coverage that’s relevant to your brand? Coverage that places you in the spotlight? Drives you to the forefront of the industry?

Partner with Fibre Marketing.

  • Collaboration
  • Speed of service
  • Visible results

Just like our targeted approach, we tailor packages to your needs.


Let Us Make Digital PR a Priority