Data-Driven Optimisation

Building data-led strategies that place your website above your competitors.

What is data-driven optimisation?

Data-driven optimisation comprises of SEO strategies designed to optimise your site based on the data accumulated from keyword data, search engine results pages, your competitors and other resources (some too secret to share).
Crafting the perfect organic search strategy is not a case of simply scrolling through your site, finding a handful of keywords and squeezing them into your content.

By analysing search results, conducting keyword research, monitoring competitors, reviewing Google’s behaviour and utilising search features, we discover the obstacles preventing your site from ranking and how we can overcome them.


Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites

When it comes to data-driven optimisation, there’s quite a lot to cover, here’s a quick breakdown of common areas we cover:


Keyword Discovery

You want to appear at the top of search rankings – but do you know what your customers are searching? Knowing who your audience is and how they find your products is an essential step in your SEO strategy, and certainly shouldn’t be overlooked – as they’re not always using the direct keywords you would expect. Our expert team begins with keyword discovery, identifying hundreds and thousands of terms that could become targets for your website. We decipher each term by difficulty, relevance, and search intent, in order to uncover new ways of generating online traffic while producing a good return on investment (ROI).


Search Engine Results Page Analysis

By conducting a SERP analysis, the Fibre team evaluate which terms to target and how to overtake your competitors. Looking at keywords alone is not enough – you must understand the search results too. Are the results for a target term commercial or informational? A product page isn’t going to rank for a “how to…” search. Is a good organic ranking achievable? What words and phrases frequently appear on the first page? By finding the answers to these questions, we can optimise your site for the right keywords, ensuring that you outrank your competition.


Competitor Analysis

It goes without saying that to do well in your industry, you need to stay ahead of your competitors. Closely linked with keyword discovery and SERP analysis, competitor analysis involves monitoring competitors on a regular basis, reviewing their strategies and impact, their levels of content, rankings and more. We can help you beat your competitors and stand out from the crowd, implementing a variety of strategies that other businesses are yet to implement. Google rewards the unique companies that offer value to website visitors, and this is where we will position you.


Google SERP Features

One of the many SERP features is People Also Asked, which presents the user with searches similar to what they just conducted. These suggestions provide a breadth of ideas for keyword targets. They also contribute to our content generation calendar, providing us with the questions your customers are asking, which we can turn into informative content on your site. This way, you’re the one that users go to for answers – and you become Google’s trusted source of information within your industry.


Schema Implementation

Schema is a great way to improve your search listing, making your site noticeable for users. We always look to implement schema to create a more visually appealing organic listing, resulting in a higher click-through-rate and an improved ranking position. Depending on your business and the services you offer, we execute a variety of schema types that will help your website shine, pushing your competitors further down the page.


Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are listings that appear above organic search results summarising the answer to a search query, often referred to as position 0. We’re sure you can imagine how great your business would look if you held one of those snippets, right? We pursue featured snippets for relevant key terms, optimising content specifically for this feature, ensuring that you become a leading player in your industry.

When holding a featured snippet, it is currently estimated that you will receive more organic traffic than the remaining organic listings combined!

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