12 Days of Xmas: 12 Reasons Why We Love SEO

December 20, 2019

Kerrie Ashall

Days are getting colder and shorter, but Christmas time is the season of warmth, good cheer and being thankful for all the good things the year has brought. It’s times like these that we stop and appreciate our industry, and what it takes to really master search engine optimisation. We love bringing our clients tangible results again and again, and we love SEO because it’s simply the best way to do it.

This holiday season, we’re listing the 12 reasons why we love SEO.

It’s rewarding

SEO techniques can help webpages rank on the first page of Google. But this is easier said than done! However after creating content, building links, enhancing GMB listings and more, the wonderful thing is that it’s more than possible to see real results. Staying committed throughout this process means we get to see our clients’ brands becoming more visible, with measurable boosts to their business.

It’s creative

Search engine optimisation is now a key part of marketing spend, but not without significant ingenuity. We love that we get to be on the cutting edge and pioneer trends in the digital marketing world, improving the way we all use and understand technology.

It allows you to be flexible

Working in SEO is truly a job for the modern employee. Connected by the internet, we’re not forced to stick with outdated workplace conventions, and can work remotely, independently, or create a career path that’s 100% our own. The world of work is changing, and as we move into 2020, we like to think that those in SEO are leading the way with creative, flexible work schedules.

It’s a life skill

As the world grows more complex, we see the emergence of many increasingly niche job roles. But when it comes to SEO, you’re looking at a skillset that can be applied almost anywhere. Everyone is online so everyone uses search engines. Mastering this arena means we get to have life skills that we can use for almost anything.

You can specialise

With an SEO career, you have the opportunity to specialise if you want to. The world is your oyster, and we love the fact that you can pick and choose the areas of SEO – be it content strategy, technical or, digital PR – that you’re most passionate about.

It’s challenging

Did we mention it’s easier said than done? In the SEO industry, the rules are constantly shifting and the field is a dynamic one, to say the least. We’re grateful that we always get to learn something new, to evolve, and to create better solutions every day. The fact is that you cannot succeed in this field without a willingness to experiment, persevere and push yourself.

No two days are the same

Those working in SEO (or at least at Fibre Marketing) aren’t too familiar with the boring 9 to 5. On looking back at the past year, most of us are amazed at the immense diversity of the work we do.

It opens further career paths

There’s not only the opportunity to carry these proficiencies into other careers, but SEO skills are also crucial for those wanting to break away from the mainstream and start their own fledgling businesses. We love that SEO gives us a key insight into business operations – not to mention the sense of determination and hard work that comes with the territory!

It’s genuinely valuable

SEO marketers have an advantage over their more traditional counterparts – they get to devise campaigns that are bigger, more targeted and more intelligent than ever before. There’s a lot of optimism that comes from knowing that you’re helping business owners to achieve the goals they never thought possible.

It touches on many different marketing platforms

PR, social media, even coding… with such a board range of tools at your disposal, SEO marketers seldom feel hemmed in by their work! There’s always a new skill to acquire, and a new angle to optimise.

It builds character

Finally, on a more personal note, SEO is not just practically valuable and technically challenging. It’s also a field that demands only the best from its workers in terms of resilience, creativity and teamwork. Thriving in SEO asks a lot of you – but the rewards are worth it.

You’re never alone

The power of the internet is sometimes mind-blowing. One of the great things about a career in SEO is that you have access to a thriving Twitter community and online forums that are always there to help you troubleshoot, learn something new or sympathise with your challenges.

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